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Certified Life Coach . Marketer . Writer

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Grand Rapids, Michigan and Beyond


Sometimes it's difficult to see what you're capable of, what's possible for you. You know you want things to be different, but you're unsure of how to make it happen. Getting from point A to point B used to seem so simple, but you lost sight of the route and of yourself a long time ago.


You're tired of living half a life. Mediocrity and discontent have settled in, and your heart feels heavy and your smile doesn't quite reach your eyes these days. You feel as if your plans and your potential are fading. You no longer hear your own voice first.


At least that was my experience.


Then came the day when I heard an old friend's voice ask, "If not now, when?"


And here I am, telling you with all sincerity, that the integrative life coaching process works. If you want to make positive and lasting change in your life, and you're ready to dig deep and do some emotional work, then yes, this path is definitely for you.


integrative life coaching is here for you


  • Making choices that are in direct opposition of your goals and you don't know why

  • Procrastinating or waiting for the conditions in your life to be perfect so you can make changes

  • Improving your relationships, your career, or your health

  • Breaking through a single issue or problem

  • Achieving a long-desired goal

  • Uncovering your purpose in life as well as your gifts

  • Developing structures to keep you on track

  • Getting in touch with your unconscious self so you can understand and shift your underlying perceptions and beliefs

  • Transforming your thoughts, habits, and circumstances that keep you from what your heart longs for