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what happens during an integrative life coaching session

Coaching structures, methods, and styles vary depending on your individual needs and goals, your coach's body of knowledge and training, and your coach's style. However, as an integrative life coach, sessions follow a prescribed outline every time. This way you'll always  know where we're headed when you come on to a coaching call. Below you'll find information on how a coaching session flows.

Sessions are always delivered over the phone or online so you can receive coaching where ever it is that's most comfortable and convenient for you. Sessions last 60-75 minutes each.

making space

Every session begins with a guided meditation, or centering. This centering is a way of quieting down and making space so you can fully land in the conversation. The centering serves to help you focus on the time you've set aside to work on yourself and your life. During the centering, you'll be asked to invite an intention for what you'd like to experience during our time together. Intentions vary person to person, and often surface based on whatever is going on for you that day. An intention might sound like "to connect," "to relax," or "to be present," just to name a few.

checking in

During this segment of the session we'll talk about whatever is coming up for you, which might be obstacles that are getting in the way of achieving your goals and taking action steps as well as any emotions and setbacks you're encountering. We also want to take this time to claim what's gone well for you and to honor your victories, no matter how big or small.

learning concepts

After the check-in we'll have a conversation about a life concept, or what integrative coaches like to call distinctions. Whatever surfaces for you during the check-in provides the insight and direction for this part of the call. During the distinction, you'll learn about concepts to help you understand what's getting in the way of you fulfilling your goals and meeting your vision. For example, distinctions cover hidden commitments, projected traits and qualities, understanding how you've come to form the beliefs that drive you, getting to the root of your excuses and choices, and learning to claim all the positive qualities in yourself, among many others principles.

going inside

Once your head comes to understand the coaching distinction, I'll guide you through an internal exercise so you can tap into your inner wisdom and discover even more. During this exercise, you'll also set action steps and practices that will move you closer to living the life you most want.

wrapping up

At the end of the call, we'll review the session, clarify action steps, and I'll answer any questions you have that may have come up during the internal exercise. Before we end the session, we'll schedule the next call.

Still need more information? Head over to Frequently Asked Questions or get in touch!